FOUR FINGER FILMS is a firm established in march 2015 and is led by Sebastian Walther. In 2012 Sebastian Walther finished his studies at Technische Universität Dresden with a diploma in computer science and computational neuroscience as his minor field of study. Until 2014 he had been employed as scientist at the research project Cognitive Interface Technology at Technische Universität Dresden.
FOUR FINGER FILMS is focussed on technology videos, as well as music videos and live performances. The videos may contain a combination of real shots, 2d or 3d computer animations and static pictures. In addition to filmmaking FOUR FINGER FILMS offers a wide variety of IT services like administration, conception of software or creation of websites. The firm is characterized by its flexible realization of any film, software or hardware project. Don’t hesitate to ask for our services or qualifications via E-Mail info@fourfingerfilms.de.
You can find a choice of our work below: